Strange-Named Cities in the United States
By: Lakeya Prince

Have you ever jumped in the car on a 16-hour, family road trip and became extremely bored within the first 20 minutes? You decide to create a unorganized, yet thrilling, road-trip game to keep your attention. For example, you create a game to count all the different state license plates, I spy ___ color cars, or even count the road kill on the sides of the road. You tend to do anything on a long road trip to excite you, keep you awake, and keep your attention. The greatest excitements of a road trip are new, different, or unique things, people, ideas, and places. Now, think back to those wonderful car trips and try to remember some of those interesting, "that can't be real, but, it is" cities with strange, very different, "where did that name come from?" names. Let's take a memorable journey around the United States of America making rest stops in every "ExtraOrdinary" city!

First stop is Put that thing outside Elephant Butte, New Mexico, Turkey Scratch, Arkansas, and DeadHorse, Alaska. Maybe you're in search of a city that's not so smelly and one with a warmer climate like Devils Backbone, Conneticut, Hells Corner, Ohio, and Devils Elbow. Maybe hell isn't your final destination, but do you plan on going to Heaven? Little Heaven, Delaware and Heavenly Hills, California is right up your alley! Are you a little hungry? Well, our next stops are Sandwich, Massachuetts, Bacon, Delaware, Lick Skillet,Virginia, Yum Yum,Tennesse, and Bread Loaf, Vermont. Sounds very appetizing and might even fill you up! Are you feeling a little dissapointed? Well, maybe Happy Land, Oklahoma will cheer you up. Are you feeling better now and in need of a thrill ride? Great! Our next stops are Cadillac, Michigan and Chevorlet, Kentucky! You're bound to have a thrill of a lifetime here! As the sun sets and the night stars begin to cast a shadow over the land, space and outerspace start calling your name: Kirk, Texas, Gamma, Georgia, and Enterprise, West Virgina. As our journey comes to an end, your pockets are a little empty, so hopefully Money Island Beach, North Carolina and Money Creek, Minnesota can replinish your money stash. What a day and what an adventure! The United States' "ExtraOrdinary" cities have made this road trip a little less boring and could actually continue on and on; however, Hoop and Hollering Crossing, Texas has wore you out and our journey must come to an end. In case your search of finding strange, but true cities is still incomplete, here are some more strange-named cities by their state:

Alabama: Buzzard Roost & Billy Goat HillAlaska: Poorman & ColdfootArizona: Carefree & StrayhorseArkansas: Cowpens & MuddyforkCalifornia: Bumblebee & BootjackColorado: Climax & GoodnightConnecticut: Yelping Hill & HotchkissvilleDelaware: Hourglass & Old FurnaceFlorida: Crackertown & MoneyboxGeorgia: Nickatown & Cabbage TownHawaii: Captain Cook & Nine MilesIdaho: Chilly & CalendarIllinois: Kickapoo & MoonshineIndiana: Cantaloupe & CorrectIowa: Defiance & QuickKansas: Buttermilk & SmileyvilleKentucky: Busy & MiracleLouisiana: Slaughter & NickelMaine: Suckerville & BingoMaryland: Boring & PrettyboyMassachusetts: The X & FireworksMichigan: Hell & Hard LuckMinnesota: Conception & SavageMississippi: Chunky & NeedmoreMissouri: Chain of Rocks & NoveltyMontana: Big Arm & PrayNebraska: Doughboy & RoachNevada: Strawberry & Fair playNew Hampshire: Breakfasthill & Good intentNew Jersey: Barginpot & Avon-by-the-sea New Mexico: Pie Town & Holy GhostNew York: Lonelyville & BathNorth Carolina: Perfection & Meat CampNorth Dakota: On-a-Slant Villiage & OpsOhio: Brilliant & CrayonOklahoma:Fort Coffee & RamboOregon: & PlushPennsylvania: Mars & PancakeRhode Island: Nooseneck & SocialSouth Carolina: Fingerville & Wide AwakeSouth Dakota: Trojan & GayvilleTennessee: Nameless & ChristmasvilleTexas: Babyhead & OatmealUtah: Solitude & SpearmintVermont: Notown & MosqitovilleVirginia: Carloover & Rip RapWashington: Concrete & HazardWest Virigina: Odd & LooneyvilleWisconsin: Comfort & Pole-Cat CrossingWyoming: Goose Egg & Bar Nunn

If you are in search of Christmas, crazy towns, insects, or cities that can not be categorized. Click Continue journeyfor more strange-named cities to visit.

Why such strange names?
Some of the cities listed above and many more found on the link are very different and unique. Some are so unique it will make a person want to either travel to that place or research it to find out if it really exists. So you're probably asking yourself (if you haven't already), where did the names come from? Most city and town names are derived from early settlers, presitgious people, significant landforms items, or ideas from people. Research states that names of many places cannot easily be interpreted or understood because they do not convey any apparent meaning in the modern language of the area. This is due to a general set of processes through which place names evolve over time, until their obvious meaning is lost. Some cities are named for the wealth or important exports of the city; for instance, Arkansas has wealth in minerals, so cities such as Bauxite, Marble, and Limedale are strange, but reasonable city names. There are other city names that are named after influential residents, indian words, or former govenors. Most city names have their roots and connections to significant people; however, other cities describe the area and land. Clearwater, Pinellas was named for its clear, clean water springs that bubbles up in the Gulf of Mexico close to the shore making the water in the area very clear. All cities have a root or origin and meaning behind the name; however, some names are not as connecting as others. For instance, Bacon, Nevada might not be known for their bacon. Are you interested in finding out more about these humerous, yet true city names? Click on the following links to help continue your journey through "ExtraOrdinary" United States city names.

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